Pet Car Seat Belt

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Did you know that 31% of all drivers are distracted by a pet by on their lap.

Various states are outlawing pets on laps as it is extremely dangerous for yourself, people around you and of course, your pet.

Does your dog love riding with you? 

Drive with a peace of mind, knowing that your pet is safely strapped in at the back of your car.

Hurry get a pet seat belt to keep your pet safe! 


  • 100% brand new and high quality.

  • Helps to keep you and your dog & cat safe during drives.

  • Pet can sit, lay or stand freely and safely in car.

  • Make from good quality nylon fabric.

  • Adjustable length: About 42-68 cm/16.54"~26.78"

  • Wide:2.4cm/0.95"