Pet Flea Comb

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The Pet Flea Comb is the ideal tool for removing fleas from your dog's coat. Half inch, tightly-spaced stainless steel teeth are angled for precise positioning, and also work to undo small knots and gnarls. Meanwhile, a gel-grip handle with a soft, non-slip grip offers maximum control and comfort. 

A pet flea comb is a safe, inexpensive and effective way to physically remove fleas from your pet. You only have to inspect the fleas trapped in the flea comb to see that it's working immediately to remove fleas from your pet.

  • Removes fleas, flea eggs and dirt from top coat and undercoat, using closely spaced long and short pins. End your pet’s itchy misery quickly, and leave him looking soft and healthy.
  • Gentle on skin.
  • Pins are rustproof, resist bending and naturally hypoallergenic. Suitable for all hair lengths, breeds and sizes of dogs, cats and other pets.
  • Give pets the extra attention they want while removing the fleas they don't
  • Helps to eliminate fleas and flea eggs
    • Removes fine debris and dust
    • Ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip