Pet Hair Vacuum for Furniture

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The Pet Hair Vacuum for Furniture easily attaches to vacuum cleaners and removes hair directly from your cat or dog. All you have to do is brush your animal’s coat with this attachment. You’ll be able to see how well it’s working instantly, as the bristles gather any loose hairs and keep them contained. And once you’ve given your pet a good all-over brushing, you can suck the hair directly into the vacuum cleaner.

Now you can clean your home and your pet all in one fell swoop!

Pet owners sang praises of this tool, too, noting that it’s great for bi-weekly upkeep, which might mean you spend more time vacuuming your dogs and cats and less time vacuuming the entire house!

  • Quickly and easily removes pet hair from carpets, furniture, blankets, clothes, upholstery etc.
  • Use a small amount of pressure when pulling across the surface to remove pet hair
  • Use as a standalone brush to remove pet hair from clothing, etc.
  • One Year Warranty
  • Adapters available for different models of vacuums
  • Prevents pet hair from flying all around
  • Brush works well on most hair types
  • Pets enjoy the being groomed with this attachment