Pet Laundry Hair Catcher

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Tired of finding pet hair and lint stuck to your freshly washed clothes, this Pet Laundry Hair Catcher you can now collect and remove even the finest pet hair, dirt or residue from your laundry, effortlessly!  

The Pet Laundry Hair Catcher part of the device floats on top of the water, while a screen below it catches everything that comes through it, including lint, dog hair, cat hair, and anything else that you might have forgotten in your pockets. This is so handy if you have kids as well who always forget to empty their pockets like my boys do. These will also prevent your washing machine tubes from clogging up with wet lint and dog hair.

  • Collect excess pet hair and lint into the net.
  • Easy to use. Floats right on top of the clothes.
  • Stops lint from clogging laundry tub or sink.
  • Reusable.
  • Perfect for those who have fluffy pets.
  • Recommended to buy 2 or more for washer capacity larger than 7kg.