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How it works

The mask will remove the thick layers/dead skin on the feet, turning the foot skin delicate, tender and white, it will clear the bacteria on the feet and between toes at the same time it will add natural vitamins to your feet skin, after 5-7 days you will notice that the foot skin will start to peel off leaving a brand new, soft and health skin.

The natural vitamins and oils will kill the bad bacteria that causes unpleasant odour.


Foot Mask Ingredients

water, glycerin, ethanol, salicylic acid, bamboo vinegar for lactic acid and papaya extract, cellulose gum, glycol acid, citric acid, Aloe extract, cucumber Extracts, p-methyl imidazole alkyl urea, 3-iodine-2-butyl-propyne Cyclamic acid esters.


How to Use The Peeling Foot Mask


1-    After cleaning and drying the feet, take out the foot mask from the packet, and cut off the seal of the foot mask with scissors.


2- Put on the foot mask, and press the outer layer of the mask to get the feet close to the essence.


3- Tear off the red double-sided film from inside and the seal opening. (You can wear common socks and keep the mask close to the skin, so as to facilitate walking and work.)


4- About 1hr to 1hr:30mins  later, remove the foot mask and rinse out before wiping with a dry towel.


5- After foot cleansing, apply some foot lotion to keep the feet moist and smooth.


6-  After 5-7 days, the layers of skin will gradually fall off from the feet. The result will be better if you use hot water to soak the feet after 4 days.


7- About 1-2 weeks later, the layers will complete all fall off, leaving the baby-like smooth and tender feet.



1 Pair of foot mask

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