Realistic Catnip Fish Plush

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A high-quality toy plush made with premium short plush material on the surface, natural catnips and PP cotton filled inside. Non-toxic, harmless and chemical free. After years of development, we finally designed a suitable toy for pets to play with; The surface of the material restores the lifelike 3D plush fish after clear typography, the interior is made from PP cotton and some natural catmints, soft and comfortable.

The plush is adopted with refined suturing techniques with a great overall shape. The printing on the surface is clear and authentic. Pets will like it at first sight. Your pets are going to like it so much as it is filled with quality PP cotton and some natural cat mints inside.

This toy can be used for cats, baby cats, kitties, and dogs to play with. It's the time to choose a fresh and lovely toy for your beloved pets, you've made a good choice!