Slimming Face 24K Gold Massager

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Vibration Massage therapy is an extremely hit beauty technology & has been a sensation in skincare tools.
Activate skin to keep moist and elastic through vibration (Massage). Help in skin blood circulation.

Made of durable semiconductor alloy
Concave-convex part is used to massage your face
Easy and comfortable to handle
Polyhedral angle design, good for skin massage
Tiny and portable, you can use anytime anywhere
Rotating massage, which makes your face soft and moisture
Non-toxic to your skin, release mood, anti-wrinkle, metabolism, blood circulation
You can use it while reading, watching TV, showering, etc.

Item Type: Facial Massage Machine
Material: Semiconductor Alloy
Battery: AA Battery (not included) / DC 1.5V
Frequency: 6000rpm

1* Slimming Face 24K Gold Massager