Springy Nutcracker

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Love nuts but find it too tiring or painful to crack them? This Springy Nutcracker is perfect for you! Traditional nutcracker places a lot of stress on the palm and wrist, making it a painful and tiring experience. Why not use the elastic energy from a Springy Nutcracker! Macadamia, pecan nuts, walnuts, Brazil nuts, almonds and hazel nuts. No nut is too tough to crack with this Springy Nutcracker!!

Here's how it works: The Springy Nutcracker is placed on top of the in shell nut. The base is held with one hand and the handle is pulled upwards with the other hand at which point the handle is released. The bolt will crack the nut immediately. This is not only funny for children but it is also an unusual method to crack nuts of all kinds. Additionally, the nutshell pieces will be caught by the spring, preventing a mess. This innovative kitchen tool has won the prestigious Red Dot Award.