The Gekkopod - Mini Flexible and Portable Tripod Mount for Phones and Gopros

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  • THE ULTIMATE TRIPOD MOUNT FOR YOUR SMARTPHONE! - Adaptable mount fits all smartphones on its universal smartphone holder, and the pod holds on, grabs on and holds tight to almost anything with its super flexability and gripping non-slip dots
  • FLEXIBLE, PORTABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT, UNIVERSAL and most importantly lovable. Attach Gekkopod to any of your precious devices for a 100% secure handle of your device
  • PERFECT SOLUTION FOR TRAVEL, extreme activities, sports and everyday use. It is more versatile than a selfie stick and allowed in theme parks
  • MADE OUT OF HIGH GRADE MATERIALS - 80% food grade silicon and 20% metal that has a unique design that will allow you to bend it easily to any shape and It will stay in that form
  • INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE - 1 Gekkopod, 1 universal D-Ring screw, 1 Smartphone universal holder.

You are going to love the Gekkopod, here is why: 

Adaptable Camera Positioning - Place the adaper at the center of the pod or on the designated leg for more flexability and creative positioning. The flexible, wrappable legs tackle any terrain for precise control in photo or video composition iven under water (considering that your devise is water proof). 

Rugged Materials - Durable Silicon with steel internal structure designed to survive the wear and tear of everyday use on-the-go for even the most active and adventurous users out there. 

Travel Ready - The Compact and Lightweight Mount is compact and can fit in any travel bag, hand bag, computer bag and camera bag. This Tripod is never too big because you can roll it up into a tiny ball if you have to so it is Perfect to Throw in Your Bag, Backpack or Pocket. 

Keep Your Device Safe - You can trust the Gekkopod brand with your devise. The five extremely durable legs can be contorted to adjust and grip onto smartphones, pocket cameras, and even GoPros very securely. 

Two connection points -The mounts can either be screwed on through the center of the device, or through an opening in one of it's 5 legs. Use the 5th leg to easily fine tune your composition after you've positioned the GekkoPod legs 

Usage suggestions Designed For: ALL Smartphones, point and shoot cameras and action video cameras (GoPro)

Weight (g): 70
Max Extened Length (mm): 180
Folded Length (mm): 180