Waterproof Car Door Guards - 2pcs/set

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The Door Guard provides universal coverage of the inside of your car's door. Say goodbye to slobber, paw marks, and scratches - the Car Door Guard will keep your vehicle's interior looking clean and new.

Main Features:

PROTECT YOUR CAR DOOR-This package comes complete with two door guards that are easy to install and made with the premium quality. Stays in place and no worries about scratching the window.

INSTALL WITH EASE- Two options to install, either insert the tabs between your window and car door panel, or use the sticky back self-fastening tapes. Choose the best option to fit your car. Install when you take your dog out and then remove in a matter of seconds and drive your family to dinner with no sign of dirt or grime.

EASY TO CLEAN - These vehicle door guards are designed to withstand dirty hairy dogs. You can wipe it with a moist towel or even pop this cover out in seconds and toss it in the washer to keep it looking fresh and clean.

WATERPROOF MATERIAL–The high grade, quilted top layer is waterproofed to prevent dirt and moisture damage.